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 Animal industriesThe efforts of breeders are directed on increase of efficiency of dairy livestock and reducing the cost of production.

 The branch is presented to Open Company «the Trading house"Dolinsky". Since 2007 the rate in manufacture becomes on reproduction of dairy cattle КРС, improvement of selection work, replacement of breed of cows-red steppe on black-speckled and red-speckled german species.

The efforts of breeders are directed on increase of efficiency of dairy livestock and reducing the cost of production. So, the average annual milk yield - 8955 liters of milk per milk cow (dairy herd - 770 goals) This is almost five times more than in the period of establishment of Open Company creation «the Trading house "Dolinsky". The cost of milk in 2012 - about 2,5grn. This result is achieved through the improvement of labour organization, bringing to the optimal parameters of the operating personnel and the main thing - the improvement of the quality of fodder.

The acquisition of the new John Deer 7250 i and the equipment for introduction of preservatives during the silo work contributed to the harvesting of green mass in a short time, in the period of providing the fodder value, and compliance with the rules of the workpiece. In 2012 to increase the speed and quality of the forage has been acquired by a «green line» of the company «Петингер». Compliance with the targets developed for each group of animals diets influenced the increase in yields and average daily weight gain.

In 2011 the livestock has replenished 99 heads heifer breeds goldshtins from Germany, the high-grade posterity is received, cows that are fresh cows shows excellent yields of up to 7000-7500 liters of milk per year. In 2012 the livestock from Hungary in number of 95 goal is delivered, tribal goldshtins, which also have adequately replenished livestock, and provide a hope for high milk yield. The plans to increase the milking herd in 2016 to 850-870 goal., are at the expense of its own reproduction.

The company is certified as a breeding(tribal reproducer). Makes plans for the development of the breeding work, with a look to the production and sale of not only milk, but also highly productive animals, the demand for tribal heifers is growing with every year.

In December 2008 we launched a new farm system milking hall of the German company «WestfaliaSurge». Complex for dairy cattle - a fundamentally new design, is a metal frame with the «walls» - moving curtains, light point on the ceiling. This farm will provide constant inflow of fresh air and a maximum of long light day, that in a scientifically provided feeding, zootechnic service, the complex will increase the productivity of cows. There can be added one more positive fact-it is on a leash content.

In 2010, is built another building barns for accommodation of 293 heads of cattle, the maternity premise with a milking hall of firm "WestfaliaSurge" a fur-tree on five places is reconstructed. The complex includes also systems of clarification and milk cooling. A fodder kitchen is built, reconstructed rooms for early and late dry feed, is got new cattle-feeder of 16m3 German firm "Siloking" with the program of management of feeding. New buildings allowed in 2012 year, increase a total number of a cattle-dairy livestock plus the repair of more than 2000 heads. In 2011 in cow-sheds for the maintenance of dairy cattle applied system of water (injector sprays) and air (the fans) cooling, which allowed in the heat of summer 2011-2012 save the milk yield and comfort.

Plans for 2016-2017: now there is a designing of building of new queue, a dairy-commodity farm. It will contain: two barn on 600 capita dairy cattle dairy unit with a milking hall 2 to 20 goal., and processing of manure as fertilizer. The terms of realization for year 2016-2017.

The new complex will allow to increase дойное a livestock almost twice, and to leave on daily average volume of milk nearby 40 tons. In the new project the principle of manure and its transformation into a fully-fledged fertilizer will be applied.

New dairy complex was commissioned May 20, 2014

With a working visit Kherson region visited by the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Igor Schwaika. Together with the Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Mikhail Melnik he opened the dairy complex LLC "Trade House" Dolinskoe" in Chaplynka area.
"This is a great happiness to reach such heights of their own labor , even in such a difficult time like today, when the part of the state is occupied , - said Igor Schwaika during the official opening, and noted that while the first animal products develops new European markets. - And in the process , our task - not to force anyone not to pull and not to lead, and to be partners ."


It created a system of partnership between agricultural producers and the Ministry , he said , will be the basis of further prosperity of our state. Indeed, in the present difficult time for the country to save it can only agriculture, in particular, the agricultural sector of the Kherson region .

However, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine said that the country's leadership is interested in exporting our agricultural products. But this will happen only when the product will meet all European standards.

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