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Cultivation of grain and olive cultures.

Grain and OilIn holding economy are grown up such cultures as wheat, barley, rape, sunflower, a soya and corn.

Long-term work Open Company «the Agroproduct, LTD » in the market of agricultural commodity production of grain and oilseed crops contributed to the accumulation of experience.

The scientific approach in the use of fertilizers, depending on the quality of the soil, the needs of crops and varieties, with the consideration of the follow-up. To do this, of course, were carried out laboratory research of soils in the farms. On the basis of the advanced technologies of European and American companies are developed the technological maps of work. The rigid control over correctness of processing of soil, observance of crop rotations, norms and ways of application of fertilizers, application of protection frames of plants is carried out. In holding economy are grown up such cultures as wheat, barley, rape, sunflower, a soya and corn.

Despite the most complicated overwintering conditions and a drought of 2016-2017, total gathering of grain and olive cultures for last 2012, has made over 30 000 thousand tons, fromthen:

Oil 17 500 t
Grain 15 000 t

Grain, thanks to high technologies, has been received food in the basic 2nd and 3rd class. Open Company «the Agroproduct, LTD.» works with such grain traders, as the Open Company of joint venture " NIBULON " , ADM trading Ukraine, Joint-Stock Company «AT Kargill», and other companies.

The production plan in 2017 LLC «Агропродукт, LTD» will be able to offer the elevators of the Kherson region such volumes of products:

Culture Volume, t
Wheat fodder 10 000
Wheat food 10 000
Barley 2 000
Sunflower 10 000
Soya 10 000
Corn 5 000
In total: 47 000

To maintain and improve the quality of the harvest in the farms of the enterprise are equipped by complexes of underworking and drying of the product.

To reduce weed and grain impurities, it is made cleaning of grain and oilseeds. For that in the farms are used advanced grain cleaners machines.

  In 2006, the LLC «Trade house « Dolinsky » was installed and put into operation gas grain dryer SUKUP T 243. Under condition of decrease of moisture to 5% for one hour a grain dryer dries 22 tonnes of goods, or 110 t/% per hour.

The existing equipment allows to produce the processing and drying of all crops in time and qualitatively. Capacity of equipment makes it possible to handle not only their products, but also to provide services to other households and enterprises. In the territory only in OOO «Trading house « Dolinsky » you can bring their products to the required parameters. Cost of services on the order are less, the proposal of elevators of Kherson region.

Open Company «the Agroproduct, LTD.» increases the capacities and plans of the further development of processing of agricultural production.

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