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seed-growingIt is one of predominating branches in goods manufacture holding economy, both economy have the status of the seed-growing

It is one of predominating branches in goods manufacture holding economy, both economy have the status of the seed-growing. Open Company «the Trading house"Dolinsky"is brought in the State register of manufacturers of seeds of a high category, every year passes certification in Institute of examination of protection of plants, confirming passports-patents on cultivation of original seeds, that is elite, and seeds of the first category.

According to licence contracts with the Odessa selektsionno-genetic institute, Institute of agriculture of southern region (Kherson), and also with Krasnodar НИИСХ of Lukyanenko in Open Company TD "Dolinsky", unique from private enterprises in the Kherson area,elite seeds are grown up::

Winter wheat The Missiya Odessa
  The Zhaivir
  The Nebokray
  The Vdala
  The Krasnodar 99
  The Ogradskaya
Winter barley Dobrynja 3
  The Platon
Summer barley The Adapt
  The Stalker

Thus elite seeds of grades of Suputnitsa and Worthy are made in area territory exclusively in Open Company TD "Dolinsky". Strictly observing special technology of cultivation and post-harvest operations with elite seeds, the economy provides their high-quality cleanliness that allows to take place successfully annual two-level control in seed laboratories and to receive the quality certificate.

In a choice of grades for manufacture of seeds of Open Company «the Agroproduct, LTD.» focuses on the zoned, the most adapted to the climatic conditions of the South of Ukraine.

In the farms we have accumulated rich experience of cultivation of maize, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean. Preference we give high-yielding hybrids of foreign breeding with the best genetic potential. Taken into account the ability to efficiently use the natural resources of our area, as well as the characteristics of a practical nature (fast return of moisture during maturation, the ability to use, for example, maize as for grain and silage). Basically that are the sort of world-known companies of the USA, France, Hungary, Turkey - Pioneer, Monsanto, Syngenta, Maisadour and others.

Open Company «the Agroproduct, LTD.» implements also seeds of hybrids of these firms received directly or through the Ukrainian representations – "Agr_matko-Ukra§na", «Zorja-mais nasinnya», "Agrosvit", «Sit down Ukraini».

All of hybrid seeds are tested on demonstration fields of farms in order to check their quality in our conditions of cultivation. In the past year such fields was 60, this only for new hybrids of sunflower - 16.

The potential buyer receives consultation under the characteristic of a hybrid taking into account adaptation to soil features of our region (diversity, salinization, water logging), the degree of resistance to shattering of grain and lodging in areas with unfavourable wind conditions and irrigation, as well as recommendations on the basic elements of technology of cultivation (license series AA 3779473 from 07.12.2004 d).

In a process, he can buy chemical fertilizers and plant protection that are recommended by the manufacturer of seeds.

For the convenience of buyers use different methods of delivery is as self-delivery, delivery of road transport, due to the with the customer the use of rail transport. Price-lists on realised seeds of the winter and summer grain.



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