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  • You are welcomed by the "Agroproduct LTD" You are welcomed by the "Agroproduct LTD"
    The Open Company enterprise «the Agroproduct, LTD.» - the diversified enterprise-holding, large crop producer and livestock farmer in Kherson area. Using almost 11 thousand hectares of a farming land, the enterprise grows traditional for the south of Ukraine crop: grain, barley, corn oil bearing plants-sunflower, soybean, mustard. Enterprise also has drip irrigated vegetables growing. More than 70 % of the areas are located on an irrigation that provides stably high crops even in adverse years.

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The Open Company enterprise «the Agroproduct, LTD.» is created in 1995. For this short term the firm, consisting of five workers, has turned to holding, in structure of which there are two large agricultural enterprises. Each structural unit has its functions, together they are subordinated the uniform purpose – manufacture development, goods turnover escalating, with application of the newest economically effective technologies.

The development strategy, the development and investment projects, the conclusion of the trade-and-purchase contracts, contacts with domestic and foreign partners is carried out, the management of OOO «Агропродукт, LTD» headed by the founders and a Director. Agricultural enterprises - LLC «Trade house «Долинское» and LLC «Druzhba» are engaged in the production.

Open Company «the Trading house"Dolinsky"is created in a village Dolinsky, a Chaplynsky area in 2003. Now in processing there are about 11 000 hectares of grownd, on the basis of agricultural production co-operative" Dolinsky "was in processing 3 300 hectare. To deduce manufacture from an economic crisis, were required not only the organizational changes directed on an intensification of work, rigid observance of scientifically well-founded technologies, but also considerable capital investments. The special attention is given to optimisation of material and technical base.

About the direction in which was updated machine and tractor park, can be judged by the fact that today in the economy works in crop production by 80% of the import equipment - 3 tractors John Deere RW8430,grain seeder John Deere-455, grain seeders of exact seeding John Deere 1780 and hook-on Kinze-3000, seeder John Deere 750, a disco-lapovaja harrow John Deere 512 Ripper 7 works in plant growing on 80 %, disk-shaped harrow John Deere 637, cultivator John Deere 2210, sprayer John Deere 4630, two harvester combines John Deere 9670 STS and one CASE 6088.

Thanks to the professionalism of the main specialists of the enterprise and development of the directions of the seed industry, the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine has assigned the Trading house "Dolinsky the status of the elite and reproduction seed-growing farm. In 2008 the company purchased seed equipment of leading producers, to improve the quality of treatment, to treat and packaging of the seed.

Today a project on construction of a dairy-commodity farm is also implemented on 830 heads of dairy cattle with the use of milking hall of firm «WestfaliaSurge», that means that stored and developing livestock sector receives a new impulse for increaseing efficiency of cattle and profitability in this direction of production.

In Open Company "the Trading house Dolinsky" for today works all more than 200 persons, besides, that the animal industries and vegetable growing demand certain quantity of manual skills.

It's very important for the enterprise, the solution of the social problems of the village. So, it was given an assistance in the work of the repairs of schools, kindergarten, medical-obstetrical points, and updated equipment of these facilities. 

Similar transformations to manufacture (the basic direction – plant growing) have occurred in Open Company "Druzhba", one year later formed in the village named Green of the Novotroitsk district. The Machine-tractor park is filled up by the new high-efficiency domestic and foreign techniques, capable to provide effective and qualitative processing of soil.

In a year of Open Company "Druzhba" there was received the status of a reproductive seed-growing economy. Almost 3,5 thousand hectares of an arable land in "Druzhba". Working – 190 persons. In both farms is employed lots of young people, we invite young specialists to work.

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