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Hunting and Fishing

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Hunting and Fishing


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Southern steppes around reserve "Askanija-Nova" is rich with a number of migratory and wild birds, wild animals. Here it is allowed to hunt on wild animals such as hare-rusak, foxes, raccoon dogs, wolfs, wild birds - ducks, migrating geese, waders, pochards , weasels, gray partridges, cowherds, pheasants.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of the director and hunters of the farm on the territory of the Open Company «the Trading house"Dolinsky", in administrative metes and bounds of Dolinsky village council of Chaplynsky district, Kherson region., was established a hunting farm.

The hunting grounds are located on the area of 4009,9 hectares. By the decision of the XVII session of the fourth convocation of the Kherson regional Council beginning from 22.06.2005г. № 430, this territory is given to use to «the Trading house"Dolinsky" for the term of 15years.

The hunting economy is charged by the head of security (person who is expert in hunting) which in cooperation with the relevant nature protection bodies and law-enforcement shall ensure the protection of hunting grounds from poachers, carry out registration and control over the number of populations of game and its shooting.

In the hunting economy are organized collective and battue hunting, license and shooting cards are granted, registration of hunters are performed .

For 2016-2017 are established such terms of hunting on fur and wild animals

A hare-rusak 05.11.16 - 28.01.17
A fox 05.11.16 - 28.01.17
A wolf All year long


On wild birds:

A duck 01.10.16 - 31.12.16
A migrant goose (grey, kazara) 01.10.16 - 31.12.16
A partridge 01.10.16 - 31.12.16
A pheasant 01.10.16 - 31.12.16

To organize a leisure of hunters, in the vicinity of the village Dolinsky, is built and equipped a hunting lodge, in which all visitors are able to relax after a successful hunt. It is nice to spend time away from civilization and the bustle of cities.

On the territory of SC «Dolinsky » it is planned to build and organise a shooting gallery complex. We invite to cooperation all wishing to take part in the investment of funds for the implementation of a given project.

 To questions concerning hunting organisation contact:
Тел. +38(067)551-41-43       
Тел.  +38(067)551-85-60
of Shtelmah Rostisav Leonidovich

In the outskirts of the village Dolinsky on the area of 18 hectares there are 4 ponds, which are filled with Dnieper water from the North-Crimean channel. In different periods of time they served as a place for recreation and fishing for the country-side. There were started a restoration of ponds economy with the arrival of Open Company «the Agroproduct, LTD.» 

There were made some works on cleaning bottoms reservoirs and soil fertilizing.

For cultivation have been bought fry fishes of a mirror carp, a silver carp, a white cupid. The 2006year was the first, trial year of conducting a fish economy, search of technologies of cultivation of fishes, selection of experts in this field.

The development of a fish economy is focused not on the industrial production, but on the organisation of amateur fishing and resting of people. There is a pavilion that is built near the picturesque lake for the possibility of a comfortably settle down and set the table.

All conditions for cooking are created here. Having caught a fish with your own hands, you can prepare it just right at ones and enjoy fragrant fish soup on the background of nature.

We invite all fans of fishing to us to rest. In any time of a year you can enjoy the scents and sounds of nature, to breathe pure steppe air, rest from the noise and gas pollution of the city.

 To questions concerning fishing organisation contact:
Тел. +38(067)551-41-43       
Тел.  +38(067)551-85-60
of Shtelmah Rostisav Leonidovich

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